Amarah Ashiana Gurgaon

Amarah by Ashiana: Elevating Family Living with Kid-Centric Homes

In the evolving landscape of real estate. The concept of theme projects has gained significant traction, and Kid-Centric Homes have emerged as a popular choice among families. Ashiana Amarah stands as a pioneer in this realm. With a track record of over 1300 satisfied families across three projects and a fourth underway. Amarah by Ashiana, located in sector-93, Gurugram, takes Kid-Centric living to new heights, setting a benchmark for residential innovation.

The Essence of Kid-Centric Homes: Ashiana Amarah

In today’s fast-paced world, Where nuclear families are the norm and both parents are often working, Kid-Centric Homes have become a haven for parents seeking a nurturing environment for their children. Ashiana Housing recognizes this need and has crafted homes that revolve around the four key elements of Learning, Nurturing, Support, and Care.

Ashiana Amarah Innovative Approach to Child Development:

Amarah’s 22-acre expanse, with 6.7 acres dedicated to lush green exteriors, is designed to provide a perfect blend of learning, growth, fun, and overall development for children. The central Learning Hub is a testament to Ashiana’s commitment to holistic child development, offering dedicated rooms for arts and crafts, dance, music, study, reading, and various activities, all facilitated by professional instructors.

Reviving the Joy of Play: Ashiana Amarah Gurgaon

Amarah introduces innovative playing areas, reminiscent of the carefree days of playing in the streets. The Play Street Area, Doorstep Play Area, and Adventurous Play Area offer a range of activities, from traditional games to adventure park elements, ensuring children have a wholesome and joyful childhood experience.

Parks with a Purpose:

The 6.7 acres of parks at Amarah are not just open spaces; they are thoughtfully designed with walkways, water cascades, sandpits, and more. Children can not only play and make friends but also engage in gardening with dedicated vegetable patches.

Safety First:

Amarah prioritizes the safety and security of its residents. With round-the-clock patrolling by multiple guards and 24×7 CCTV surveillance. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are in a secure environment.

A Clubhouse for Every Age: Amarah By Ashiana

At the heart of Amarah is a 27,000 sq. ft. clubhouse that caters to every age group. From sports facilities and an indoor kids’ play area to a swimming pool, gymnasium, media room, cafeteria, and party hall. The clubhouse ensures there’s something for everyone in the family.

Seamless Living with Ashiana’s Maintenance Team:

To ensure the seamless functioning of amenities. Ashiana’s in-house Maintenance Team takes care of tasks like garbage collection, cleaning, and planned maintenance of electricals. They also organize inter-complex events, fostering a sense of community.


Ashiana Amarah redefines family living by providing an environment. Where childhood remains cherished and every family member finds something to enjoy. Explore the unmatched lifestyle that awaits you at Amarah – where innovation meets comfort, and families thrive. Visit our website to make Amarah your next family home.

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